Taking A Look at Theme Lists

I am not really much of a competitive player these days. I like winning, don’t get me wrong. There is a more subtle joy to engaging with friends and fans of the game to play those games. Pulling of that one trick, living the dream, or even realizing the battle is lost and still going for the “moral victory” of taking out that one model or unit. Its also a great way to share the joy of the hobby side of the game.

When Privateer Press released MK II they introduced theme lists- restrictive builds that offered benefits for that particular army. It sometimes showed me the way to play a certain warcaster or warlock or a new way to look at certain models. MK III initially took away theme lists as we knew them. For the Mercenaries and Minions it became a free-for-all, allowing anything that could be fielded to be fielded. Recently Privateer Press offered up theme lists for the major factions, and I am back to building lists and looking at painting. Oh, and struggling along the way. What to build? What to paint next? So many cool models being released…

As I am committed to playing fully painted these days, and having plenty of painted Cygnar at my disposal, it makes sense to look into the three themes available in the faction. Sons of the Tempest, Heavy Metal, and Storm Division. Storm Division is pretty much everything Gun Mage; Heavy Metal for the warjack-heavy shenanigans; and Storm Division lays it out for the Storm Knights and most things electrical. The MK III theme lists are not as restrictive as their MK II counterparts, and also don’t limit the warcasters that can be taken within the force. I am totally good with that.

I’ve built a few lists, trying to keep in mind that I want them to be playable on the table as well.Its no easy task, and I am still struggling with the rules changes in the new edition. Learning curve and all that. Someone should build a MK III Quick Reference Sheet.


For my Sons of the Tempest build, I went with Caine2. I’ve been playing Caine1 in a similar list out of theme, so I am somewhat familiar with what each model does. I haven’t won a lot of those games, and I feel a little cheeky taking a gunline army into what seems to be a strong gunline meta. Anyway, the list is:

Journeyman Warcaster
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Gun Mage Captain Adept
Tempest Blazers (full)
Arcane Tempest  Gun Mages
– Charger

I don’t see that its a bad list. The downside is that it brings a lot of POW 10s to the table. The Tempest Blazers are pretty mobile and harass pretty well. It has issues with high armor, and my learning curve is still a little steep. It still looks good on the table.


Next up I went with Darius to lead the Heavy Metal theme. I like warjacks, and this list brings plenty. It might have some issues with large numbers of opposing troops, though the local meta is still running fairly ‘jack and ‘beast heavy still. In order to play this one fully painted, I need to finish a unit of Field Mechaniks that have been sitting around collecting dust and a second Centurion that has been primed.

Sword Knights (10)
-Officer & Standard
Field Mechaniks (4)
Field Mechaniks (4)

It brings repair for days, and the Sword Knights get to be my tar pit unit. I notice a theme as I was writing this- each of my first two lists contain a pair of Hunters. I guess I decided I needed some decent ranged damage threat. I am curious to see how this list plays out. I have some ideas about initial deployment and unpacking the first turn, after that it seems to be a crapshoot. No plan survives initial contact.


For my third list, I went with Stryker2 to lead the Storm Division. My Storm Knight paint scheme is pretty simple- knights wear silver armor in my world. Bronze/ gold accents and cloth that is either blue with white accents or white with blue accents. Original, I know. Not to sound cold-hearted, these are trooper models that are likely to die. A lot. Not going to spend a whole lot of time on their details, especially for relatively simple models. I have played Stryker1 a few times and enjoyed what he brings to the table. Time to take Styker2 for a spin:


-Ol’ Rowdy
Major Laddermore
Stormblade Captain
Storm Lances (5)
Stormblade Infantry (6)
-Officer & Standard
-Storm Gunner (x3)

I am curious to see how this list does on the table. To bring it up to fully painted I need to paint the unit of Storm Lances and finish the Stormblade unit.

The overall goal is to get more models painted. I also want to get better as a player and play more games.

As far as recently completed models, Major Laddermore, a pair of Stormblade Captains, Gibbs, and Eiryss1 and Eiryss2 are currently awaiting basing and sealing. One of teh pair of Stormclads just needs based and sealed at this point, the other is awaiting highlights along with the Cyclone.
I think I may use faction and mercenary solos and small units to break up the monotony of painting large units. Just a thought. We’ll see how that goes. I have been picking up more models along the way. Thorn Gun Mages sit on the table, assembled and primed, maybe a few base coats laid down…  Waiting for Caine3…


Thanks for checking in-


I played in a local 3-list tournament about two weeks ago with these lists. I went 1-3 overall, and had a really good time. The armies looked really good on the table, and I knocke off the dust and got games in. The Darius Heavy Metal list was a lot of fun and I ended up playing it twice. Never popped my feat, as my opponents were wise enough to focus-fire the ‘jacks off the table. The game I won was a Cygnar v Cygnar facing Stryker3 and Storm Lances. A Hammersmith was able to get into Stryker3 with full focus and Full Throttle to take the victory.

More pictures being taken. I have a Stormwall and a Storm Strider on the painting table, and I have a Shae Pirates list at 75 point waiting in the queue…

Thanks for checking in-


A New Year

I think I got in more blog posts last year than the year before. I could check, but I am lazy… I realize things really dropped off after Lock & Load 2016.

Not entirely like I’ve stopped painting, and maybe a little bit of a break in the transition from MK II to MK III. Cygnar still occupies my painting table, and I did let things get a little out of hand. Too many lists, too many project trays, and letting myself get overwhelmed. It happens.

A little catching up-


 Oh, my… It looks like a unit of Cygnar Mechaniks, a pair of Stormblade Captains, a Squire, a pair of Arcane Tempest Riflemen, the Black 13th resculpts, Aiyan & Holt, Edrea & Lynus, Eiryss1 & 2, Madeline, Rutger, and Taryn…


Judging by the bases, these models all got finished and sealed. I will have to set up the light box and get some better pictures of the finished product. I think I’ve even run an all Gun Mage army led by Caine… It was kinda gross and kinda stupid, but a lot of fun to field.


Arcane Tempest Riflemen and a second Squire (paint scheme, or multiple ‘caster games, right?)

img_2457The Black 13th rescuplts. I picked them up at Lock & Load and was excited to get them painted.


Rutger Shaw, Taryn di la Rovissi, and Madeline Corbeau. I am not sure if they have seen the table in their painted form. Probably should change that.

So in this new year of 2017, I have cleaned up and cleaned off the painting desk, and attempted to re-focus my efforts. No big leaps, just keep it steady and striving to paint for a half-hour a day, take pictures of works in progress, and blog a little more consistently. No resolutions… just goals. Oh, and to play fully painted.

Lock & Load 2017 looms in our future. July 14th through the 16th in Bellevue, WA. Good times to be had. I had a lot of fun last year. No idea if I am going to just play casual games or maybe try to step up and play competitively in one of the events. Also I have to decide what the next painting project is once I finish up the Cygnar models I have lists for. There are a lot of Storm Knights in the project box, as well as waiting in the queue.

The original goal was to switch up painting after L&L 2016 and start working on Privateers/ pirates for the next six or so months. They sit in the queue as well, quietly collecting dust. I have a list built…
And yet Circle calls to me as well with the release of the thunder chicken (Storm Raptor Gargantuan) and Bikini Cavalry Solos (Tharn Wolf Rider Champion). I like Tharn. And Birds. And Wold Constructs… The only models I haven’t invested in are the Reeves and Wolves of Orboros. Just not my thing. Yet. I’ve been eye-balling the Druid Mist Riders, the new Circle light cavalry unit. I have no lists built for Circle in the new MK III. I kind of want to wait for the theme lists… And I look at the Circle collection and realize I have about 60% painted, maybe even 70%. Some things have seasoned for quite a while. I still add to the collection as new models are released…

The state of my painting table today, as it sits-


The list I am currently working on involved Commander Stryker, Storm Blades (plus Officer and Standard Bearer and three Storm Gunners), a Stormclad, and a Stormblade Captain (though I am painting the pair). Fourteen models all told. Back to a manageable number.


The current work in progress. Harrison Gibbs sneaked in there, too… Have to watch out for the Resistance.

The next list I am looking at features Lord General Stryker, Squire, Ol’ Rowdy, a Stormclad, Major Kate Laddermore, 5 Storm Lances, Stormblades with Officer and a pair of Storm Gunners, and a full unit of Stormguard Infantry. I kind of got a head start on Major Kate testing out a paint scheme idea.


The horse is done and sealed… Stryker is still WIP. Not looking forward to changing things up, I like how the horse turned out overall.

This will lead me to re-do Stryker3’s horse- I like the shiny blued metal over the standard blue armor of the rest of my Cygnar. I mean, they are Storm Knights… and it seems likely they would shy away from painted armor when dealing with lightning… At least in my world.


All the P3 Cold Steel.


Stormblades. The only real difference between the units is the color of cloth. Blue…


… and white. Yeah, that’s me. The smart one. Two full units each of Stormguard and Stormblades. I suppose I shouldn’t mention I have considered a unit of Silverline Stormguard… or two. For paint scheme, of course.

I have a third list to consider… The first two have some crossover, though I have two full units of Stormblades and Stormguard. I am not sure I want to tackle them all at once. The third list involves Nemo2, Nemo3 & Finch, Dynamo, a Storm Strider (such a cool model in my humble opinion), a trio of Stormsmith Stormcallers, a pair of Stormsmith Storm Towers, and Stormblades with the Officer & Standard. Once I get the first two lists painted, I will be pretty well set for Stormblades being painted. I also have the Stormwall mocking me from the sidelines…


The Storm Strider. Such a cool model, and a lot of fun to get to this point…

Its probably easy to see how easily I get overwhelmed in projects. It will be one at a time.

In anticipation of finishing the aforementioned lists, I did purchase and assemble the Storm Raptor and a pair of Tharn Champion solos…


Yes, that did happen…

In other news, Feora3 releases this week with the Forces of Protectorate book… with Tristan2 and his character ‘jack in February…

I am incorrigible …


Thanks for checking in…

Thunderhead, Nomads, and Strykers Oh My!

In the last few weeks I have been working on a paint scheme for the Storm Knights. I needed a few test models. Oddly enough I had a few Stryker1 models laying about. In the storyline he was originally a Storm Knight, so it made sense in my head to try a few things out. One of the models I have was from the Privateer Invitational in 2010, which featured the “what if” cards. Since I was playing Mercenaries, rather Privateers/ Pirates, I received a Stryker1 model, being as the “what if” was if the the Lion’s Coup had failed. Steelhead Styrker… He finally got painted. It only took six years…

The other models followed suit, more or less.

Other things that have “seasoned” over time- the Thunderhead, a classic Lancer, and Stryker2.


A while back I painted up the three Nomad Mercenary warjack model I had. At that time a local player mentioned I needed a fourth model to paint in baby blue. The seed had been planted. Well, that seed has become the most recent installment in my Mercenary collection. Electric Blue from Vallejo’s Game Color line was the ticket. Assembled, primed black, and maybe 3 hours into this model left very little time for seasoning. That allowed me to finish up a few other models.

Another alternate paint scheme came to the fore as I was painting up the new Cygnar battle box. Maddox seemed to paint up quickly, yet I am hoping for an alternate metal sculpt for all the new warcaster/ warlock models. I really didn’t need more Lancer, Firefly, nor Ironclad models… partially why I didn’t buy the new Protectorate or Circle boxes at Lock & Load. Feeling like I could take the risk, I switched up my standard Cygnar paint scheme.


I kinda like it. I threw my third Defender into the mix pretty much because I could.


So, yeah… Its been a somewhat productive week. Feeling fairly accomplished.

Looking not too far ahead, I am moving a pair of Stormclads, a Cyclone, Eiryss1 and Eiryss2, Lynus & Edrea, and Taryn di la Rovissi into the painting queue. On the finishing bench I have Aiyana & Holt, a pair of Stormblade Captains, a pair of Arcane Tempest Riflemen, The Black 13th re-sculpts, Allison Jakes1, and a full unit of Cygnar Mechaniks. The Stormwall is also waiting on a final paint job. I am trying to psyche myself up to the task.

I forgot to note that the Baldur1 alternate sculpt Brennos, and the re-sculpt of Ghettorix made short appearances at the desk… then I realized what a distraction they were and put them away to work on when I get back to painting Circle.


Thanks for checking in-

Did you miss me?

Wow. Its been way too long. For those few followers who keep up with this blog, I apologize.

Needless to say I have been busy working out of town since March. Its not like I haven’t been painting. Making the time to sort through progress pictures and actually write a post has not been a priority.

Last I left off, way back in January, I was looking at the Point-a-Day Challenge as well as what to tackle after Lock & Load. Yeah, well… I managed to finish Seige and his Pile’o’ Journeymen Warcasters, as well as a lot of other models. I will strive to catch up in future blog posts.

A lot changed prior to and after Lock & Load 2016. The edition change with All New War, or MK III, as so many of us are calling it. Points change, re-balancing of models and factions. Some big changes, some not so big. At this point I am really enjoying the fun in the game, when I can find time to actually play.

For the most part I have been able to come home on the weekends and in many cases paint. I haven’t kept up with the Point-a-Day Challenge, though I am pretty sure with the effective doubling of points I am pretty close to good for the year.

Having no theme lists to paint to, I felt a little lost for direction. I did manage to finish Kraye’s “Mobile Strike Force” and Caine’s “Sons of the Tempest” themes prior to Lock & Load 2016 (in fact, I was seal coating the Tempest Gun Mages in the hotel room in Bellevue). When I got to Lock & Load I was pretty much playing Magnus’ “Bad Seeds” since I knew it was going away with the edition change. Turns out not a lot of people like seeing Sword Knights with Ambush. Odd. I had a lot of fun with it.

Post Lock & Load I was looking at switching up the painting desk and going with Mercenaries. Magnus and Steelheads and the Talion Charter (pirates/ privateers) were looking pretty good. For some reason, I haven’t been able to break away from painting and playing my Cygnar army.

I picked up the Cygnar battle box at Lock & Load, and the few box games I played I found Maddox to be an interesting warcaster. I managed to finish painting her this last weekend, needing to work up the base and seal coat her. This, of course, led me to look into finishing Stryker2 and Stryker3; as well as a few Stryker1 models I had lying around.


Maddox, Stryker2, and too many Styrker1’s.

In my defense with regards to painting all of my Stryker1 models, I was testing paint schemes for my Stormblades. Oddly enough I hit upon what I liked, and finalized the scheme with Major Beth. Sadly, I worked on Stryker3 off and on during this, finished his horse, then decided I needed to repaint the armor from blue to silver, along with Stryker3… The horse has been sealed.


Stryker3, WIP-ish

Following this train of thought, I added a full unit of Stormguard and two full units of Stormblades to the queue. A pair of Stormclads may have also made the cut. Eyeballing Major Kate and a full unit of Storm Lances. I thought I had two units (increased FA on all cavalry!!) for Stryker2 and 3’s theme force…


Storm Knights! Get your Storm Knights! In the queue, awaiting paint. Three more Stormblade Storm Gunner Weapon Attachments have been ordered.

Out of the new releases, it was nice to see the Black 13th get a re-sculpt and the new shiny Gun Mage rifleman solo. I probably should have picked up two, but I want to support the FLGS as much as possible. The con exclusive Colbie seems like a decent model, looking forward to painting her soon. Probably when I get to the Mercenaries.

I am pretty excited to be playing the new edition. Still adjusting to the new rules and slowly working on an updated Quick Reference Sheet for Warmachine and Hordes. Technical issues and time…

So the state of the painting table looks like this:


The state of the painting table. 08.14.2016


The big fella. All inked up and almost ready to go.

I think my new adjusted goal is to get my Cygnar army fully painted by the end of 2016, as I can’t seem to put the models aside to work on other things. The addendum to that goal is to be more regular in making blog posts.

Photo dump coming the next time. I have a lot to sort through…

I did manage to set up the light box and play around with things. A little more trial and error and I may get things dialed in.


This is what I ran for a 20 point Rumble match with my eldest son today. A classic match featuring Haley 1 vs. Deneghra1. Tough fight, but I managed to pull off the win. Barely. Haley1, Reinholdt, Defender, Lancer, Finn, and minimum Trencher Infantry.

Thanks for checking in-


Point a Day Challenge 2016,update #1

So the Warmachine/ Hordes Facebook is doing a Point a Day challenge- the overall goal is for each participant to have 366 points painted by the end of 2016.

How could I resist? I will either succeed or fail miserably, right?Pretty much anything to keep me going. The less bare metal in my collection, the better off I feel.

This is where I started my day at the table-


So my progress as of the 10th of January is not quite 10 points painted. I am close.


I have been working on Siege, a Journeyman Warcaster, and two Gun Mage Captain Adepts.


The Black 13th showed up to get finished- I have had them ink washed since early last year when I got the itch to start painting more regularly. They fit in with my Caine1 “Sons of the Tempest” as well as my Kraye “Mobile Strike Force” theme lists, and its only three models, right? Three very small, tiny models…

A day of painting got me closer to the goal, I just have a few more details to pick out before they get front arcs marked, bases done, and their seal coats.

Not sure what is on deck after this for points- Since I will have Siege finished, I suppose I can knock out Triumph (worth 11 points!). I have a Centurion, Hammersmith, and Sentinel worth points toward the challenge, then Kraye and a trio of Hunters to finish off before I start working on Caine’s theme.

After that I think it will be Steelheads…


The lot…

Halberdiers, Riflemen, and two units of Cavalry; Brocker; Domiano and Rocinante; MACBAIN!!!; Mangler; two Talons; two Vanguards; Sam & Devil Dogs; Blythe & Bull; Moorclaw and a magnetized Nomad/ Mule/ Rover.  Oh, and I have a third unit of Halberdiers to assemble and paint. Piece of cake before Lock & Load 2016…
Thanks for checking in-

Mission Accomplished

Took long enough. I know.

Sometimes I end up painting models, usually units, that seem to kill my desire to paint. A few years ago it was the Trencher Infantry, this go around it was the Long Gunners. Well, you will hear a lot less bitching from me about getting them finished. They are done. Until I decide to paint my second unit, which doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon. Not saying it was a negative experience in all, painting large units can be a little taxing, and its nice to have models to break up the tediousness of it all.


I could over-analyze the whole thing- I probably put too much attention and detail into single point trooper models. I vary the skin tones as I prefer to be racially diverse in most of my forces, and I do enjoy the finished product.


With the painting process complete,  I go to basing. Its a five step process involving fine grit ballast for dirt, small talus (stones) for rocks, summer meadow flock blend, summer grass, and clump foliage. Largely I use the former from Woodland Scenics, and the latter is GaleForce 9. I haven’t varied my basing much since I started. Simple, effective, and it doesn’t require me painting or dry-brushing near the feet of my finished models.


Basing grit and rocks applied

Along with basing the Long Gunners I had three Stormsmith Stormcallers, an alternate sculpt Haley1, and an alternate sculpt Journeyman Warcaster to finish off. Assembly line, ho!

The finished product gallery:


 Ten little Long Gunners…


Officer and Standard Bearer

This finishes up another list as well. No theme, just some old school Cygnar I find amusing to run as not many people expect to face Sword Knights and Long Gunners in the same list. Its not top tier competitive, though it can make for an interesting game.

The fifty-point list looks like:

– Thorn – Squire
Archduke Runewood
Journeyman Warcaster
– Defender
Stormsmith Stormcaller (3)
Harlan Versh
Long Gunners (10)
– Officer & Standard
Sword Knights (10)
– Officer & Standard
– Firefly

I will get a group shot up here in the near future.
Thinking about list pairing for potential tournaments, I will likely pair it with one of the theme lists in my painting queue, as the Stryker1 list I built and painted also uses Archduke Runewood. I suppose I could change things up, then I realized that both theme lists utilize the Black 13th Gun Mage unit. I don’t make many tournaments these days and I would like to change that.

Next up is the road to Privateer Press’ Lock & Load convention which happens in early June. This will be my first trek to the event and my goal is to play fully painted. I am looking at taking Bad Seeds and probably a Steelhead army, with the ability to take Magnus1, Damiano, and MACBANE!!! and his Pain Train.
I also have Kraye’s Mobile Strike Force and Caine1’s Sons of the Tempest to tackle prior to going with the Steelheads.I am striving to stay focused and on target.


What I have to finish to get Kraye’s theme force completed.

I actually started this list for a Journeyman Slow-Grow League about four years ago and ended up stalling out in the painting process. I enjoyed building the army and it was fun to field. What it really taught me is how to play to Kraye’s strengths. It has some hard match-ups, I just take those as lessons these days.
There is an extra Hunter in this project box, and I know I have a painted Sentinel. The goal is to get models painted, and I will have a pair of Sentinels and three Hunters available to future lists if so desired.
Kraye, the Black 13th, and the Hunter trio have been ink washed, so they should be quick. I started working on the Gun Mage solos last night. So it boils down to getting the Centurion, Hammersmith, and Sentinel knocked out. The big plus? Warjacks are pretty easy when one has a system and method.


Sons of the Tempest to paint to complete the list at tier 4 

I think I am most drawn to Caine’s character as he is a non-compliant scoundrel in the story. I hated to face him and his army way back in MK I, and he is still a valid threat in MK II. The “My Side of the Table” rule allows me to like Caine as long as I am the one fielding him. This project box has three versions- Prime, Alternate Sculpt (2010), and Epic. Since they are the same character, I figure why not? Get them as close to matching as I can if I paint them at the same time. Tempest Blazers should be fun, and the second unit of Gun Mage Pistoleers with the Officer and a Defender should go quickly as well. Ace is the latest addition, and the Charger, well, again- I will have two Chargers painted for future use.


Siege, a Journeyman Warcaster, and a pair of Gun Mage solos.

I was winding down last night and started looking at the Gun Mage solos. I like to see racial diversity in my Cygnar army. Since I was painting dark flesh, I remembered I had Siege Brisbane nearby. Also found another Journeyman Warcaster and threw him in the mix.


Triumph, the insult comic warjack…

As I was laying down base coats and skin tones I remembers I also had Triumph, Siege’s much maligned character warjack, sitting in foam. The model might not see much table time, but I will give it a shot (sorry) at least a  few times. I like the model and think it deserves paint.


The Thinderhead

Lurking about on the painting table has been the Thunderhead. I was looking at what to bring for a limited format tournament at All About Games in Boise, Idaho. My list was Nemo2 (already painted a few years ago), the Thunderhead, and a Centurion. The tournament involved using power attacks to score points and rally the crowd, something like a professional wrestling (wrastling?) event.
I ended up taking Magnus1 and three Nomads. I didn’t win any of the games, but I had a blast playing.
Anyway, the Thunderhead will get my attention soon enough, probably to break up painting units.

The Warmachine/ Hordes painting group on Facebook has taken up a Point a Day challenge, which I am considering. I have been planning out my queue to take part, I guess we will see how that goes. Anything to keep me motivated and painting up through Lock & Load. I think after that I will switch my focus over to my Circle army, with the goal of having that fully painted by the end of 2016.

Thanks for checking in-


I Am My Own Worst Enemy

Work, life, sleep. Such is the cycle of things, right?

In my previous ramblings I believe I left off with the Long Gunners sitting on my painting table. Guess what? They are still there. They mock me, or I mock them…

Some projects are tedious, and I probably put too much time and effort into my nameless trooper models, making sure each is different enough to make them enjoyable to see on the table. It is my army, and I sometimes stumble on perfection, or what will suffice.

I more or less gave myself an ultimatum for playing fully painted, which I still hold to. I truly enjoy fielding a fully painted force, so I am not going to waver on that; though the whole “finishing a project before starting a new one” aspect of that has been edging ever closer to going out the window. I guess its part of the ‘problem’ with being a multi-faction player in the world of the Iron Kingdom. Too much cool stuff.


So, yeah… I picked up the Meat Thresher this last weekend. Only one, so far. It is still mostly unassembled; as life, family, and friends took precedence over the holiday weekend. Its a great model, and takes me back to the days of assembling model cars and ships- clipping parts off sprues and  trying to remember what piece went to which part. These days I take the wisdom learned from my younger years and have been systematically clipping, cleaning, and assembling the model. No need for lost pieces or trying to figure out what went where. Overall I think the Meat Thresher will go nicely in my farrow army, as well as maybe see some time with the Trollbloods when I get back to painting them.


Ace, Caine’s character light warjack


Somewhat getting back to Cygnar, I did pick up the new Ace character light ‘jack with an affinity for Caine. Looks to be a fun model to paint. I managed to assemble it and put it in the project tray with Caine’s ‘Sons of the Tempest’ theme I will be painting soon.


Apparently technical issues will not allow me to post this picture with the correct orientation. Apologies.

What I will have to paint- Caine1, Caine1 2010, and Caine2 (Why not?), Ace, Charger, Defender, Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers with Officer, and the Tempest Blazers.

I just have to get through the Long Gunners…



There is not much really left to do on these guys, either. Highlights, some details, and basing. Obviously the paint pots behind the models are for fleshtones. I prefer having a racially diverse Cygnar army. And yes, that would be all the Stykers and all the Haleys hanging out in the tray in the background. They will be my ‘reward’ for getting the Long Gunners done…

Thank you for checking in-